Subject to the exclusions set forth below, Koniea warrants its LED Grow Lights, inline duct fans, heat mats, etc., to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a fixed duration from the date of shipment from Koniea. Details are listed below:


  • Most LED grow lights are covered by a Three (3) year limited warranty, including:
  • Within (1) year. Full-cover warranty: Free components, free repair service, free shipping costs.
  • (1)-(5) years. Limited warranty: Free components, the buyer is responsible for repair costs and shipping costs.
  • All inline duct fans and the iHub Smart Power Strip are covered by a two (2) year full-cover warranty.
  • All heat mats, clip-on fans, the Water Pump (in the drip irrigation kits), and PH (TDS) meters are covered by a one (1) year full-cover warranty.
  • Linear LED grow lights:TS600” & “SP150” are covered by an EXCEPTIONAL Three (3) year limited warranty, including:
  • Within (1) year. Full coverage warranty. A new lamp of the same model is provided free of charge. If the buyer wishes to exchange the product, he/she is responsible for any product upgrade costs that may be incurred.
  • (1)-(5) years. Limited warranty: Offer trade-ins to get new LEDs at 30%-50% off.
  • Non-electrical products ( and/or accessories):No warranty provided. If you receive a parcel with missing accessories or any damaged products due to logistics, contact us within 7 days for a replacement or for us to send out the missing items.



  • Sales are made through the Koniea direct website, or authorized distributors or retailers, or authorized third-party platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Cdiscount, etc.
  • Products are installed in applications in which ambient conditions are within the range of intended operating conditions.
  • LED grow lights - Ambient temperatures≦40℃ (104℉)
  • Inline duct fans - Ambient temperature≦30℃ (86℉); Relative humidity≦65%
  • Heat mats - Ambient temperature≦40℃ (104℉)
  • Failure of the Products that is NOT a result of external causes, including acts of nature; human damage; improper or unauthorized use; or any other occurrences beyond Koniea’s reasonable control. Adequate operation records must be provided

to Koniea upon request to substantiate that the Products have failed to comply with the terms of this Limited Warranty.



  • Discontinued Koniea grow lights are no longer covered by warranty; replacement parts of them are unavailable as well. Please purchase alternatives.
  • No warranty for non-electrical products such as grow tents, grow bags, drying racks, ducts, etc.
  • Warranty claims regarding the Products must be submitted in writing within (30) days of discovery of the defect or failure to Koniea post-sales[support@Koniea.com] or an authorized sales representative.
  • Products may be required to be returned for inspection and verification of non-conformance by Koniea but no Products will be accepted for inspection, verification, or return unless accompanied by a “Return Request” from Koniea solution team.
  • Koniea reserves the right to modify or discontinue this Limited Warranty without notice provided that any such modification or discontinuance will only be effective with respect to any Products purchased after such modification or discontinuance.



Read before you submit any warranty requests. Koniea Support Team will be at your service as soon as possible.

Contact Koniea Support Team [support@Koniea.com] with the following information readily prepared:

(1) Your Order information. Including your order numberpurchase platform, and order email.

(2) A detailed description of the issue with pictures and/or videos.

(3) Photos of all labels on the original box. (if preserved)

(4) Associated proof of faulty/defective products. Photos and videos will help our team to provide a faster warranty service.



There may be times when your plants need lighting so badly that you cannot return a working LED grow light to Koniea for inspection and repair, and Koniea will provide you with temporary substitute lighting to carry out the warranty procedure without suspending your plant's growth.

(1) A deposit will be charged for the substitute lighting.

(2) You will be responsible for the round-trip expenses of the substitute lighting.

(3) The substitute shall be returned in one week after receiving the repaired light.

(4) The deposit paid at the beginning will be refunded once the substitute lighting is received and is in good condition.


Shipments Issued From China: Koniea ONLY offers free components/accessories within 3 years on the condition that the buyer is responsible for all the costs incurred - including shipping costs, customs costs, etc.